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I received an instant pot for Christmas. It made me a little nervous at first and I didn’t even take it out of the box for about a month. I went online and found a lot of great tips and recipes and suggestions. One recipe I found is located here. I have tried several things in my instant pot and I loved how easy and fast it was to make potato salad. You can actually cook the potatoes and eggs at the same time.

STEP #1 Place Steamer basket in instant pot.

instant pot steamer basket

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instant pot from amazon


potato with peeler
potato peeler from amazon
  • Peel the potatoes. Get your kids to peel the potatoes. I bought these great peelers from Amazon because I wanted my kids to be able to help me peel the potatoes. I usually use a knife and I didn’t want my kids to use sharp knives and so now they each have their own potato peelers.
  • Chop the potatoes. The first time I made this potato salad, I used bigger chunks of potato and some of them were not done enough. So then the next time I made it with smaller pieces and it worked better. I have also used it without the steamer basket.

Step #3 Add 1 1/2 cups of water to instant pot.

I have struggled to know exactly how much water to use in my instant pot. I’ve used 1 cup, 1 1/2 cups, and 2 cups of water. For this potato salad I used 1 1/2 cups of water.

Step #4 Put in the potatoes and eggs

chopped potatoes in the steamer basket with raw eggs in the shell on top

Put the potatoes in the steamer basket and then place 9 eggs on top. Then put the lid on and make sure it is sealed. Turn the steam release handle to Seal.


Instant pot with pressure cook time with 6 minutes

Push the Pressure cook button and the plus or minus until it says 6 minutes on high pressure. It doesn’t start the timer until it reaches pressure.

How long does it take to reach pressure?

  • I don’t really know why some things take longer than other things to reach pressure. Maybe it depends on how much water is in it or how full the pot is. For this potato salad, I timed it and it took about 23 minutes to reach pressure. Then the 6-minute timer started.
  • Then use the quick release method to release the steam.
  • Wait until the steam is completely released and then remove the lid carefully.


  • Remove the eggs with tongs and place in some ice water to cool.
  • Drain the potatoes and cool them. I filled a big bowl with water and after draining the potatoes I put the drainer of potatoes in the water to cool. You may need to replace the water as it loses its “coolness.”

Step #7 Peel and chop the eggs, chop the pickles

  • Peel the eggs. One thing that was good about using the instant pot method is that it seemed like the eggs were easy to peel.
  • Chop or slice the eggs. I used an egg slicer to do this.
  • Chop the pickles with a chopper or cut with a knife.
Hard boiled eggs, mayo, mustard, pickles, salt and pepper


In a bowl mix together, the potatoes, chopped eggs, Mayonnaise, mustard, pickles, salt and pepper.

  • Don’t you hate it when you ask a grandmother for a recipe and she tells you “a handful of this” or “a spoonful of that.” I guess I even do that for certain things because I don’t know how much mayo or mustard I use in this salad. I just put it in and stir it up. My guess would be about 2 cups of Mayonaise, and 2 tablespoons of mustard and 1/2 cup of chopped pickles. It is really according to your tastes and what you like. Also, add Salt and Pepper to taste. I have even added ranch dressing at times to add a little more flavor.
  • Do you use Mayo or Miracle Whip? When I was growing up we always used Miracle Whip and we rarely had mayonnaise. Even in the early years of my marriage I always used Miracle Whip. Now I prefer Mayonaise in my potato salad but I like miracle whip for my macaroni salad.

Eggs and pickles

  • For the eggs, I usually only chop up four or five of the eggs to put in the salad. I use the rest of them on top as a garnish. Most of the time I make deviled eggs out of them and then use them for the garnish on top of the potato salad. I am really simple when it comes to deviled eggs. I just mix mayonnaise and a little mustard with the egg yolks and salt and pepper.
  • You don’t have to use pickles, but we like the extra flavor and crunch it gives the salad. When I made this salad as a teenager or for my roommates in college, I always put cucumbers, tomatoes, green onion, radishes, and green peppers in it. My husband doesn’t like all those things in the salad and so it is plain but still quite good. If you like, you could even add tamed deli jalapeno or yellow peppers.
Finished potato salad garnished with boiled or deviled eggs.

Sprinkle the eggs with paprika or salt and pepper.


  • Holiday or vacation picnic with deli sandwiches
  • Christmas dinner with baked ham
  • Monday night dinner with cubed steak
  • Friday night dinner with chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, or steaks
  • Potluck contribution
  • Easy salad to take camping
  • Or use it as the main dish


Please leave a comment and tell me what you add to your potato salad, or if you prefer mayonnaise or miracle whip? Also what is your favorite main dish to have with the potato salad?

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