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Welcome to MY MOM BLOG


  • If your house is immaculate, your kids are always obedient, you are debt free, and are mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy, then this blog is most likely not for you.
  • BUT. . .
  • If your house is MESSY more often than not; your kids are NOT always OBEDIENT; you struggle with DEBT and finances; your family has Health issues; you often feel OVERWHELMED and that life is OUT OF CONTROL, then keep reading this MOM BLOG.


  • Synonyms of MERELY: small, plain, utterly, and simply.
  • Synonyms of TENACIOUS: determined, stubborn, spunky, steadfast, firm, persistent, strong-willed, relentless, firm, inflexible, persevering, purposeful, patient, sturdy, and strong.

Sometimes the smallest and simplest things we do can change our lives or someone else’s life. If we are determined and persistent, even for 10 minutes a day we can succeed with whatever task we are striving to accomplish.

ALL it takes is just:

  • simple determination,
  • plain persistence,
  • pure and patient purpose,
  • utter diligence,,
  • mere tenacity,


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Simple Determination to Control

What Is Out Of Control

One of my favorite movie quotes is from Days of Thunder. “You want to control something that’s out of control? That’s what you said. Well I’m going to let you in on a little secret that almost everybody else automatically knows. CONTROL is an illusion you infantile egomaniac. Nobody knows what’s going to happen next-Not on a freeway, not on an airplane, not inside our own bodies and certainly not on a race track with 40 other infantile egomaniacs. Nobody knows and nobody controls anything. You’ve gotten a glimpse of that and you’re scared.”

There are definitely things we can’t control. We can’t control the decisions and actions of other people or change them. We can only do that with ourselves. There are some things we can control or change. We can control our attitudes. We can control whether or not we are happy, sad, or angry. To some extent, we can control our finances, our health, and our children. (Notice I said, “to some extent” because, even though we try to control our children, they have the ultimate control of how they act and behave).

Sometimes we just need to work on things we can control–what we cook, how clean our house is, where we spend our money, how we take care of our bodies, how we treat other people, what we do to increase our spirituality, and intelligence, and what we do with our time. If we can be persistent in spending even 10 minutes a day working on the things we can control, and not worry so much about things we can’t control, then maybe we just might feel a little less overwhelmed.

My Logo of connected rings and the Color Blue

  • Blue is my favorite color, mostly because that is the magnificent color of my husband’s eyes. My children also have eyes that are that amazing color of blue.
  • The Rings represent family ties. Family relationships are so important, even with our extended family. We are linked and connected from one generation to the next.


  • My heroes are the women of my ancestry including my mom and my aunts. I am who I am because of them. When I think of them, I think of their stubbornness, determination, persistence, and courage. They are strong women who have been tenacious in surviving their lives with mental and moral strength, courage, patience, stamina, determination, and stubbornness through unimaginable trials and struggles, and persevered with faith to endure to the end.

Categories on my Blog

    • A Mom Blog needs recipe’s, as well as cooking tips and helpful ideas.
    • It seems we spend half of our lives cleaning and so this Mom Blog will have some cleaning tips and ideas, and I will share some of the products I use.
    • This Mom Blog will give tips, tricks, ideas, and activities that have to do with the care of children.
    • This will be the category to assist in spiritual matters or to give ideas for church activities.
    • This category will explain different health issues or ideas to help the body and mind become healthier.
    • Also, this Mom Blog will give financial advice and ideas on getting out of debt, as well as food storage and being self-reliant.
    • I will share stories from the life of my ancestors and also share tips and suggestions on researching and compiling Family History.
    • This category will have thoughts and poems and other odds and ends. I have spent a lifetime collecting uplifting quotes, poems, and stories. I will also share reviews of my favorite books, authors, movies, and music.

In conclusion, the last Thing You Need to Know about my Merely Tenacious Mom Blog

  • What do these 8 categories have in common? Me and my life. Hopefully, they will assist you in your life, and help you understand that with some simple determination and perseverance, with as little as 10 minutes a day, you can feel a little less overwhelmed and gain some control over a life that often feels out of control.

PLEASE leave a comment below and tell me what you think or any ideas on what you would like more information about.

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